Monopotassium phosphite

Product name: Monopotassium phosphite
Molecular formula: KH2PO3
Molecular weight: 120.07776
Quality indicators:
Items Target
Content(%) ≥ 98
Remnantinwater(%) ≤ 0.3
Chloride(%) ≤ 0.01
Iron(mg/kg) ≤ 50
Heavymetal(mg/kg) ≤ 50
Product application: It is a white crystals,easily deliquesces in air and soluble in water. It is widely used in ornamentals and bedding plants grown in greenhouses, field nurseries, landscaping areas, conifers, turfgr
Packing and transportation: Production: 3000 tons per year Package: Plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg.
CAS NO.: 13977-65-6

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